Somali Journalist faces death threats from PM office


Nairobi (RBB NEWS) – A Somali journalist Abdalle Ahmed Mumin, who has been published in British-owned news website The Guardian and the BBC has said he faces consistent death threats from individuals claiming to have links with the office of the Somali Prime Minister.

Mr. Mumin who has been living in exile since 2015 has returned to Somalia last month.

The journalist recently filed several news items including the raid on the house of former Somali President in Janale, Lower Shabelle region. The story which appeared in the Guardian last month included interviews by Mumin with relatives of the former President Aden Abdulle Osman who said they were contacted by Prime Minister Khaire.  The family said they received a formal apology from the PM’s office.

Mumin has also filed a feature about the complaints of a Somali National Army soldiers who were maimed in the line of duty.

The soldiers accused the government of failing to support him.

One of the threatening messages dated October 14, 2018, seen by Hiiraan Online literally indicates “You should stop reporting bad about the Prime Minister.

Mumin who spoke to Hiiraan Online said one of the messages was sent by an individual claiming to have a close connection to the office of  Somalia’s Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire.

“You cannot talk about the Prime Minister’s issues while we know you live in Kenya with your children,” reads the message allegedly sent by the staff.

The Communications department at the Prime Minister’s Office did not respond when contacted for comment.

Somalia remains as the most dangerous place for journalists in the world and it’s very unlikely that threats and intimidation against journalists will be investigated.

Last month, a TV reporter Munasar Mohamed reported a death threat he received following his widely shared report on the brutal killing of a man from minority clan who was killed and his body burnt after his son eloped a girl from a powerful clan, the same as the Prime Minister Khaire’s clan.

A young TV cameraman was shot dead in Mogadishu by a government soldier in July this year making this year another one marked with deaths of the already endangered media workers in the country.

The National Union of Somali Journalists which is a nationwide press freedom watchdog said they were concerned about the increasing level of threats and attacks against journalists.



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