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Radio Banadir Broadcasting (RBB) first appeared on the stage in the Mogadishu Area on Feb 21, 2000, as a vehicle to extend the educational reach of media into the country. As one of the conducing stations in public broadcasting, RBB is a leader in the effort to service an ever-increasing audience with some of the most powerful and perceptive programming available.

Radio Banadir was established at the beginning of this millennium with a single vision, which is to support the civil societies in order to regulate peace, democracy and human rights in Somalia. To complete our mission, visions, and objectives, has sorted a professional journalist and program producer. Our daily programs are educational programs, news, sport and entertainment to the communities in Mogadishu as well as the whole country by using its fm and short wave.

Today, nearly ten years later, Radio Banadir, which is located in Mogadishu, is recognized as one of the main advocates of restoring peace to help establish a good democratic system in the . The numbers of our listeners has doubled due to of delivering the right programs, which fit different sectors of the society. Moreover, Radio Banadir never delivers programs, which are based on propaganda or baseless news; therefore, it has gained the hearts and mind of millions of audience in Mogadishu as well as the nationwide.

Since it has started airing program, Radio Bandar has been working with the civil societies, non-profit organizations and human rights activists to establish the principals of good governance in the country. We deliver programs the highlight peace, democracy, and justice. These programs are the foundation and bases of our policy. nt face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size=2 color=#F35205>Feb 21, 2000. It also spearheads the Independent initiates, an effort to engage the variety of communities in creating, promoting and broadcasting their work.

Radio is also delivering entertainment programs, which encourage the public to joint and support democratic activities and community leaders. Our Community loves the arts and poets, so to satisfy audience, we deliver twice a week poets program and short story, which is intended to encourage of speaking with confidences and increase the network. These programs are a capacity building of varies community’s leaders in Mogadishu to increase their ability to communicate each other and increase connections to pacify the war-torn country.

To reach our radio signal the audiences who live far away from the capital of Mogadishu, we have increases the capacity of the short wave to get to clear messages. It has also started to upgrade the skills of journalists, newscaster, and reporters, so they could be knowledgeable, professionals and understand our missions and goals.

Moreover, Radio Banadir delivers news, sport and music to millions of Somali who have fled from to their motherland due to unending civil war and political process. They usually get updated news, which covers all the issues concerning the country such as social, political, and economy.

There are millions of audience who usually visit on our website every day, yet the number is still growing every hour. We provide programs that encourage the youth and intellectualist that fled the country to contribute democratic activists and human rights organizations that are struggling with the failed and neglected institutions in Somalia. The overseas audience used to have a say by a telephone; emails and fax to participate the panel discussions and debates concerning the role communication have in a democratic societies. They also get a chance to express their views to increase the network and integrity of the communities in Somalia.

There are more than 70 countries around the globe that audience could reach us 24 hours on the website, which is www.radiobanadir.com. Our server’s statistics shows more than a million of connections have reached monthly the news realised by Radio Banadir Broadcasting in Mogadishu, Somalia. The report is also included our server’s reports.

The programs will also encourage in bonding Somalia people whom are scattered around world and the civil society and democratic activists inside Somalia. The aim is to increase the capacity and connection between these groups by improving their communication and listening skills.

Providing a broad range of services. RBB Public Broadcasting is also in the midst of change radio facilities to digital technology with the aid of the RBB Campaign for the Future, a five-year fundraising effort is making the leap to digital and providing the programs that fit within the digital format.