Askari Iyo Qof Shacab Ah Oo Lagu Dilay Degmada Afgooye


Wararka naga soo gaaraya degmada Afgooye ee Gobolka Shabeellaha Hoose ayaa waxa ay sheegayaan in rag hubeysan ay toogteen askari ka tirsanaa Ciidamada Dowladda Soomaaliya.

Dilka ayaa dad goobjoogayaal ah waxa ay Dalsan u sheegeen in uu ka dhacay Suuqa ugu weyn degmada Afgooye ee Hilwaaley  ,waxana sidoo kale rasaastii lagu riday askariga ku geeriyootay Haweeney ka mid aheyd Shacabka Afgooye.

Askariga ayaa la sheegay in uu ka mid ahaa Ciidamada Nabadsugida Soomaaliya,waxana durba goobta ka baxsaday raggii ka dambeeyey dilkaas

Ciidamo ka tirsan kuwa dowladda ayaa goobta dilka ka dhacay gaaray kuwaas oo soo qaaday meydka askariga,waxana wararkii u dambeeyey ee haatan nasoo gaaraya ay sheegayaan in Ciidamada dowladda ay weli howlgal ka wadaan xaafadaha degmada Afgooye.

Masuuliyiin ka tirsan Maamulka degmada Afgooye ee Gobolka Shabeellaha Hoose oo aan la xiriirnay aya ka gaabsaday in ay ka hadlaan dilka gelinkii dambe ee Maanta ka dhacay degmadaasi Afgooye


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