Dagaallo ka Dhacay Magaalada Marka.


Mas’uuliyiinta magaalada Marka ayaa idaacadda VOA u sheegay in dhowr maleeshiyaad ka tirsan oo ka tirsan ururka Al-Shabab ay ku dhinteen iska horimaad xalay magaalada ku dhexmaray ciidamada dawladda iyo maleeshiyada Al-Shabab.

Mas’uuliyiinta ayaa sheegay in shank a tirsan Al-Shabab ay dhinteen dhowr qof oo rayid ahna ay dhaawacmeen kadib weerar ka dhacay magaalada oo loo adeegsaday baasuukayaal iyo hoobiyayaal. Iska horimaadkan ayaa Haaruun Macruuf uu ka waraystay Guddoomiyaha Gobolka Shabeelladda Hoose Maxamed Ibraahim Barre.



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