Djibouti marks 41st anniversary of Independence Day


The Republic of Djibouti has on Wednesday marked 41st anniversary of 27 June, the Independence Day when it took its freedom from French colonists, SONNA reported.

Somali Government congratulated Djibouti, our sister country on this significant day that our brothers are commemorating today.

 congratulates  on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of its independence from colonialism. Somalia & Djibouti are intertwined with ethnic blood, ancient historical relations, as well as their geographical proximity and membership in organizations” The Federal Republic of Somalia said in a Twitter.

Speaker of Somalia’s lower House Parliament, Hon. Mohamed Sheikh Abdirahman attended the celebration on 41st anniversary of Djiboutian people in Djibouti over night.

Mr. Abdirahman met President Ismail Omar Gele and his counterpart and congratulated them on this day.

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