Eastleigh Man Killed By Gang “Hired” By Jilted Wife Featured


A Kenyan-Somali taxi man Hassan Abdi Mohamed was on Monday stabbed to death by a gang allegedly hired by his estranged wife.

5 suspects are under police custody after they were linked to the murder of 33yr old Hassan.

In a video shared to Horn24 by a police source the five suspects are heard and seen confessing to have stabbed Hassan.
They farther confess that they had been hired by the taxi man’s wife to threaten him over an ongoing divorce case

The suspects are Ahmed Hussein, Ikaran Mohamed Ahmed, Mohamed Abdi, Ahmed Hussein and Mara Bisar.
“There were six of us. I just wanted to scare him off. But I stabbed him on the back and ran off” Ahmed Hussein is heard said in the video under police custody.

“We went with Kabelo from 9th street to Jam street.Kabelo had a knife…he had asked as to go confront his brother in law…his sister’s husband. There was confrontation between the deceased and Kabelo.

The deceased had a knife too. Started chasing Kabelo and Kabelo emerged from behind and stubbed him. We were 6 of us” Abdullahi who was arrested much later told the police.

33 yr old Hassan who was known by many in Eastleigh Jam street as “Wabera” was killed on Saturday evening around 5pm near Al-Hidaya Mosque while observing Ramadan fast.

The suspects have been identified as cousins to the wife Muna and friends to the cousins.

They were arrested on Sunday.
Horn24 has learnt that Hassan and his wife Muna Aden YUssuf were on divorce process at the Kadhi;s court in Nairobi.

The two have 2 children and in the divorce application that Horn24 accessed Muna points out that “ I have suffered physical, verbal and psychological abuse, luck of support love and protection of a wife”

In a response received by the Kadhi’s court on 22 January 2020 Hassan says he provides for his family despite his meagre income from taxi. Hassan terms his wife as “irresponsible” and that she had failed to give the children full attention.
“She is the one who has abandoned her family on several occasions; she deserted her newborn prematurely (sic) just to come back when he was 1 year old” Hassan’s response to the Kadhis court partly said.

A police source investigating the case has told Horn24 that the 5 arrested are members of the SuperPower, a gang of mainly Somali youth operating in the Eastleigh neighborhood. The suspects are being held under police custody awaiting to be arraigned.