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2000 When Radio Banadir Broadcasting (RBB) went on the air in 2000, it was one of a handful of stations in a new field referred to as the "educational Radio movement". Considered initially as a teaching tool, the station quickly broadened its scope to include entertainment and public affairs programming -- designed to appeal the listeners.

From the start, and throughout the '2000s and '2001s, RBB was one of the non-profit radio's torchbearers, drawing its vitality from the cultural rebirth going on in the country, and from a dedicated, visionary group of pioneers, both paid and volunteer.

2002 Thriving on controversy, the young station made a name for itself by airing the famous quest and microphone debate on nuclear fallout, as well as inquiries into democracy, freedom of expression, human rights, health, and the link between intellectuals and uneducated people.

2003's Much of public Radio's essence today derives from the way RBB grappled, in its early years, with such questions as: Can a station support itself through viewer contributions, business people and civil society alone?

With your generous support, we strive to continue our pioneering service to the Somalia communities around the country as well as those who live in Diaspora.

2005 and Beyond RBB prepares is intending to develop a digital conversion of Radio and TV to reach the listeners. A special thanks to the director of the Radio Banadir Broadcasting Ahmed Ali (Ahmana), and other longtime RBB volunteer and former Board member, for use of his sequential History of RBB 4th Anniversary Edition.