Jamie Carragher oo meesha ka saaray in Salah uu markale dib u soo celin karo qaab ciyaareedkiisa xili ciyaareedkii lasoo dhaafay


(Liverpool) 11 Okt 2018.(RBB SPORT) –   Halyayga kooxda Liverpool ee Jamie Carragher ayaa aaminsan in ay adag tahay Mohamed Salah in markale uu dib u soo celiyo rikoorkiisa cajiibka ahaa ee dhanka gooldhalinta uu ka sameeyay Reds xili ciyaareedkii lasoo dhaafay.

“Mohamed Salah wali waa xidiga koowaad ee kooxda Liverpool sababa la xiriira waxa uu sameeyay xilli ciyaareedkii hore”.

“Waa gooldhaliye, wuxuu dhaliyay xili ciyaareedkii hore goolal fara badan, waxaan rajeynayaa inuu noqdo ciyaaryahanka ugu goolasha badan Liverpool markale xilli ciyaareedkan”.

Mohamed Salah ayaa 44 gool u dhaliyay kooxda Liverpool dhmaan tartamada oo dhan xili ciyaareedkii lasoo dhaafay.

“Waxay ila tahay in Mohamed Salah xili ciyaareedkan uu dhalin karo 25 gool ama 30 gool, isagoo xaqiijiyay inuu markale dib u soo celin doono bandhigiisa gooldhalineed, inkastoo uu sheegay inuu iska lumiyay fursado badan kulamadii lasoo dhaafay”.


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