Jeremy Hunt oo noqonaya xoghayaha arrimaha dibedda Britain


Talaado, July, 10. 2018 (RBB) – Xoghayaha caafimmaadka ee dalka Britain, Jeremy Hunt ayaa loo magacaabay xilka wasiirka arrimaha dibadda ee Britain, kadib markii uu xilkaasi iska casilay Boris Johnson.

Ra’iisul wasaaraha Britain, Theresa May ayaa la kulantay cadaadis xoogan oo kaga imaanayay xisbigeeda, taasi oo ku saabsaaneyd qorshaha ay ku wajaheyso ka bixida midowga Yurub.

Wasiirkan cusub ee arrimaha dibedda ayaa imanaya xili Boris Johnson xoghaye arrimo dibeddeedkii hore uu sheegay in uusan la dhacsaneyn qaabka Theresa May ay u wajaheyso ka bixida mdiwoda Yurub, waxaana uu noqonayaa mas’uulkii labaad ee iscasila muddo afar iyo labaatan saac.

Waxaa horay isu iscasilay Mr David Davis oo Britain u qaabilsanaa wadaxaajoodka ka bixitaanka midowga Yurub oo xilkan loo magacaabay sanaddii 2016.

Arrintan ayaa carqalada horleh ku noqoneysa qorshaha Britain ay uga baxeyso midowga Yurub, iyada oo ay sagaal bilood oo keliya ay ka hadhay xilligii loo asteeyay in Britain ay ka baxdo midowga Yurub.

Waxaa sdioo kale soo baxaya warar sheegaya in siyaasiyiinta qaar ee iscasilay ay u hanqal taagayaan xilka ra’iissal wasaarinmada, inkastoo ra’iisul wasaare Theresa May oo ka hadleesay aqalka baarlamanka ay beenisay wararkaasi.

Theresa May ayaa waxaa kale oo ay sheegtay in aysan habooneyn in xildhibaanada xisbigeeda ay ku kala qeybsamaan ka bixida midowga Yurub, iyadoo na ka digtay in awooda uu la wareego hogaamiyaha mucaaradka ee xisbiga shaqaalaha, Jeremy Corbyn.

Isha Warka BBC


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