Mayor Eng. Yarisow Said that the Heavy Rains in Mogadishu Caused $35 Million in Damages


Mogadishu, 23 May 2018 – Mogadishu Mayor and Governor of Banadir Region Mr. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) said that the heavy rains in the past 72 hours have caused wide spread damages of up to $35 Millions of Dollars.

The Mayor said that in addition to damages, there is a humanitarian crisis which requires an urgent response, especially food and medical supplies to address the situation; he added that his administration is doing its utmost to cope with the problems caused by the rainfall. In the meantime, there is a massive campaign underway to remove water and to restore the image of the city.

The governor first talked about the scope of loss of lives and livelihoods caused by rainfall, indicating that the latest information confirms the death of 6 people, three of whom are children under 12 years of age. 301 buildings and some major roads in the capital were destroyed, such as Hodan district’s Shaqalaha Road, the road connecting Dabka and Bakkaro Market, Warta-Nabadda’s Abdalla and Awarero Road, the General Daud Road and many other roads.

Eng. Yarisow warned against that heavy rains are worsening the situation in IDP camps, where large number internally displaced people live; while the rain water keep displacing many other families nearby the water damaged areas, and many poor families living in simple houses.

The IDP camps in the Capital are often lacking hygiene centers, and thus increasing the risk of infectious diseases.

The Mayor thanked the people of the City and the security forces for their role in the emergency response efforts, and he requested that they should continue their work so that the people affected can be helped effectively.



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