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Radio Banadir Broadcasting (RBB) provides the people of Somalia with consistently high-quality, noncommercial media that inform, educate and entertain.

Through the creation and acquisition of programs, the leveraging of our multiple media assets, and strategic partnerships, RBB delivers a daily broadcast on a radio and Internet content that makes people think, feel and explore new ideas.

Our programming and services reflect the value we place on human dignity, lifelong learning, the power of ideas and the importance of community service and civic participation


Membership is RBB's single most important source of support, and its's relationship with its members is the highest expression of our commitment to RBB's mission of providing consistently high quality, non-commercial programming and services to the people of Somalia whom are scattered through the world.

With due respect for our members' right of privacy, RRB has established the following policy and practices for use of our membership list to ensure RBB's active control in protection against any unauthorized use.

Use of the Membership List by RBB

RBB regularly contacts its members to carry out RBB's necessary and normal operations. These operations include mailings of such items as: informing the Lattés news, sharing information about the country, special requests for contributions, and information regarding member benefits.

On a more occasional basis, RBB also communicates with its members by phone or email to communicate with them regarding such what to do and how to develop better programs that could help the listeners. All membership communications are conducted directly by vesting headquarter or sending an E-mail.

Use of the List by Other Organizations

RBB does not sell its membership list to other organizations. However, in order to assist in its membership and fundraising efforts, RBB periodically rents places to held programs but never share the names and telephone of its members and former members with other organizations, using a process which does not permit the other organization to review or get a copy of the membership list

RBB to expand its membership base by obtaining the names and addresses of other likely donors, and provides a valuable source of additional funding.