Ozil oo ku ciil baxay PSG


Ciyaaryahan Mesut Ozil ayaa soo gaba gabeeyay todobaad jahwareed badan oo saameeyay noloshiisa kadib marki maanta uu dhaliyay mid ka mid ah goolasha ay kooxdiisa Arsenal uga badisay kooxda Paris St Germain oo la dheeleen ciyaar saaxibtinimo.

Ciyaartani oo ka dhacday dalka Singapore ayaa Arsenal ku garaacday kooxda PSG 5-1.

Ozil ayaa Axadi hore si lama filaan ah ugu dhawaaqay inuu isaga tagay xulka Qaranka Jarmalka, kadib marki uu sheegay in lagu sameeyay cunsuriyad iyo xushmad darro.

Ozil ayaa sheegay in isaga loo saariyay guuldarrooyinki xulka Jarmalka kasoo gaaray ciyaarihi aduunka, iyadoo loo sababeeyay sawir uu dhawaan magaalada London kula galay madaxweynaha Turkiga Racep Tayyep Erdogan.

Ozil oo muddo ka badan 4 sannadood noqday laacibka ugu fiican Jarmalka ayaa sheegay in marki ay Jarmalka guuleysteen uu ahaa laacib Jarmal ah balse marki ay guuldarreysteen uu noqday wiil Turkish ah.

Tababaraha Arsenal ayaa ciyaarti galabta soo safay koox adag oo uu kabtan u ahaa Ozil, isaga ayaana daah-furay bandhiga goolasha daqiiqadii 13-aad. Goolasha kale waxaa Arsenal u kala dhaliyay Alexandre Lacazette oo laba dhaliyay, Rob Holding iyo Edward Nketiah. Goolka qudha ee PSG waxaa u dhaliyay Christopher Nkunku.



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