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Radio banadir was founded in February 21, 2000, with it's simple mission to reach and provide a local broadcast that supports human right, freedom of speech, justice, and social equality. Due to the need of the society, the Radio broadcast created short waves and fm frequencies, which could be listened most of the country.

On the other hand, the radio has developed a broadcasting system on the Internet in which it provides the latest news and events in Somalis. It covers programs allocated to the people who live in different parts of the globe.

Since we have started online news, the numbers of the listeners has been growing steadily, so we have increased the bandwidth of our server in order to be able to interview and receive new guests. TO reach and listen our online programs you can simply click on our web address, which is www.radiobanadir.com.

News, sport, entertainment, and business, healthy, social life development, education, sport, short stories, children programs, and diverse guest speakers are the main programs that we deliver locally on a daily basis.

Radio Banadir usually gather in valuable dispensable programs and news, which are carefully audited by the board of the directors, reporters and writers. RBB sorts and selects the programs that are very crucial and suitable for the people who use and listen Internet broadcasting. These factual programs enhance the freethinking of the public that we choose to serve them.

Meanwhile, our writers, reporters and editors work with the public in order to provide better programs. The cooperation between the RBB and public in responding to the service outcomes or the performance satisfaction, we make a survey in order to produce and develop useful programs. RBB campaigns to get public view for six main purposes:

  • To encourage and increase public participation

  • To gathering factual information which are of great importance to share with the listeners

  • To promote the freethinking of the society

  • To advocate the freedom of speech and human right

  • To spread news based on reconciliation, cohesiveness, oriented, tolerance, and stability

  • To engender a freethinking society which are based on a mutual understanding, interactive, and communaties

Social development:

In addition, we also deliver local news for the people of Somali, which educate and entertain through the media for the farmer, fisherman, townspeople and livestock raisers tenders in order to develop and strengthen the cultural links between them.

We bring experts of different fields who are insightful and could produce programs that revitalize benefits for different sectors of the society. RBB's live call-in program presents wide-ranging discussions of local, regional, national and international issues, as well as an in-depth interviews.

To improve the quality of the programs that we deliver on daily basis, it is necessary to widen the scope reaches of the radio banadir. For example, by serving our listeners better, we provide diverse programs that have benefits such as the women's issues, youth skill development.

The women issues are one of the main programs that we deliver twice a week. For instance, we deliver programs of mother and child development, and we also bring programs relating the role of women in society. We also offer seminar and workshops that help the skill levels for the women.

The other programs that we deliver are youth programs. These programs are crucial to increase the capacity of learning for the young youth. Rbb created a department for youth skill development. It offers programs of skill development and career directing programs, which have benefited many youth, who have problems for adjusting the life of, the warn torn country.

Reporters and sport commentaries collect the local sports news as well as the internationally organized games. These sports programs are one of the main entertainment for many Somalis youth, so we provide them programs that inform the latest sport events.

Meanwhile, RBB encourages community dialogue and welcomes you to participate in our comment boards. As directed by our public broadcast mission, RBB strives not only to broadcast top quality educational programs, but also to create opportunities to go beyond the broadcast for additional learning and community development.

To know better the programs that we deliver:

  • News
  • Guest the microphone
  • Short story
  • Health
  • Sport
  • Ethics and morality
  • Youth skills development
  • Human rights and freedom
  • Music
  • Business report
  • Social life development
  • Science and technology