Swedish Government supports Somalia in the statistics


Mogadishu(RBB)-Somalia and Swedish Governments are working issues on general management of economics statistics, social statistics and dissemination of data based on the facts about Somalia as the country is going to establish National Statistics Agency soon.

Minister of Planning, Investment and Economic Development of the Federal Government of Somalia, H.E. Gamal Mohamed Hassan held talks with Swedish Delegation headed by Swedish Ambassador to Somalia, H.E. Andreas Von Uexkull on Monday here in Mogadishu and discussed key areas on our National Statistics and Swedish support to this area.

Direct General of Swedish Statistics Agency, Joakim Stymne told Somali National News Agency that Swedish Government is expected to increase the support in general terms very much and in the area of statistics, hoping to continue this cooperation into the future.

“The discussion concerns the cooperation between Sweden and Somalia on the issue of developing assistance for developing National Statistics and we think this is very important that Somalia is taking in rebuilding its National Institutions after very difficult period”, Mr. Stymne said.

When asked Statistics Swedish has been in active and still active in some African countries like Burkina-Faso, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, South Africa and Somalia, how these specific countries were selected, he replied that it goes into Swedish selection of a country to cooperate with a judgment of whether Sweden has something to contribute to the country’s own development efforts.

“How we can support is very much dependent that the situation look very different in different countries if you have a country in conflict or post conflict that is very different”, Mr. Stymne stated.

“I think that Somalian statistics was actually seen number of years ago to be very good example for the region and I definitely think that good prospect of coming back to that area again, I think there are number of factors that support to this, I think one is very strong commitment from the Somalian authorities now to develop this and there is International and National frame-work for the production of good statistics”, He said.

Director General of Swedish Statistics Agency, Mr. Joakim Stymne expressed his appreciation and goodwill for establishing Somali National Statistics Agency.

“It is very important that Somalia is moving the direction of establishing an autonomous independent statistics agency because I think it is something that is very important when it comes to the public’s trust and confidence in statistics which is part of trust and confidence in Government”, He said.

Mr. Stymne urged Somali Government to increase public awareness on this area, in order to reach the whole population and explained its importance, telling media should take vital role from this program, among them social media and websites.

On the other hand, Somali Minister of Planning, Mr. Gamal Mohamed Hassan told Somali National News Agency that the first phase of useful project on Statistics that was under way in the past three years comes to an end on December this year, saying the next program will start on January in 2019

“ We are thanking Swedish Government for supporting us in the statistics sector. Relation and cooperation between Somalia and Sweden began in 1973 and stopped in 1991 when the central government collapsed and re-started three years now, they provided 28 technical trainings inside and outside the country”, Mr. Hassan marked.
Mr. Hassan said that his Ministry submitted Statistics law to the Federal Parliament of Somalia, emphasizing the possibility to establish Somali National Statistics Agency within this year.

“We establish our National Statistic Agency soon because many agencies record and spread wrong data about our statistics, in terms CPI (Customer Price Index), the GDP(Gross Domestic Product) and The Economics and the level of poverty, we are going to print new correct books on our statistics as soon as possible as we have completed now, the data includes the gender- male and female and old and young of population”, the Minister said.

The Minister commented that Somalia and International Institutions including World Bank and IMF agreed to issue one correct statistics data about Somalia.

“Statistics issue is technical and sensitive which requires to be managed by educated people, it is about gathering facts across the country”, he added.

The latest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Somalia was made in 1987 according to the Minister.

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