Wararkii ugu danbeeyay tirada dhimashada weerarkii Wasaaradda Arrimaha Gudaha


Sabti, July, 07, 2018 (RBB) – Ugu yaraan 10 ruux oo ay ka mid ahaayeen shaqaale ka tirsan Wasaaradda Arrimaha Gudaha, Askar ka tirsan ciidamada dowladda iyo kooxihii weerarka geystay ayaa ku dhintay weerarkii Ismaaminta ahaa ee maanta lagu qaaday Ex xaruntii hore ee Oto Oto oo hadda ah Wasaaradda arrimaha gudaha.

Ciidamada ammaanka ugu danbeyntii soo afjarayay weerarka xarunta oo ay ku ay wadda degan yihiin Wasaaraddaha arrimaha Gudaha iyo Amniga.

Xaruntan ayaa markii hore lagu weeraray gaari waxyaabaha qarxa laga soo buuxiyay, iyadoo dabley hubeysan oo gaarayay saddex dagaalame ay gudaha u galeen.

Wararka ayaa sheegaya in is rasaaseyn muddo saacad ka badan socotay kaddib ay ciidamada amniga ku guuleysteen in ay dilaan saddexda dagaalame oo gudaha u galay xarunta.

Al-Shabaab ayaa sheegatay mas’uuliyadda weerarkan, kaasoo noqonaya weerarkii u horeeyay noociisa oo xarun dowladeed lagu qaado in muddo ah.


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